Why It Matters

A well molded manager is the foundation of every successful business. Your manager can make the difference between a satisfied and productive team, versus employees with morale problems and low productivity. With poor management a company runs the risk of negative reviews, a poor reputation, and high employee turnover. New Wing Consulting produces successful managers with the ability to make a positive impact on your company, and your company’s financial well-being.

The Cost of Untrained Management

Invisible Costs of Employee Loss

The invisible costs of turnover is often overlooked

Few managers understand the cost of employee turnover. Replacement costs can reach into the $1,000s of dollars plus loss of productivity. New Wing provides managers with the tools to increase morale and productivity, while building a strong company reputation and attracting the best candidates for your company. People want to work with a positive management team!

People Leave Managers, Not Jobs

The #1 reason people leave jobs—is management

U.S. companies lose billions of dollars a year because of managers who have no formal training to manage. Skilled managers who are given the tools to lead are more likely to be engaged with their team members. The result is greater job satisfaction, more productivity and employees who appreciate the their work environment and the company they work for.


Managers Don’t Seek Help

Managers hesitate to seek guidance

Most managers will not seek internal guidance when issues arise fearing they will appear inept and unable to perform their job. The result is a manager who is frustrated and a team of employees that share in that frustration. Learning positive management skills and having the ability to contact New Wing for follow up support, produces a winning manager and a winning team.

New Wing Consulting

New Wing Consulting Solves Your Challenges

  • Morale problems within the department
  • Decreased productivity & attention to service
  • Loss of intellectual capital
  • Increased employee absenteeism
  • Poor online reviews and reputation
  • Inability to attract the most talented candidates
With 25 years of management training background, New Wing is here to enhance and grow your manager’s abilities.
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