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New Wing provides a positive direction in corporate management training. Successful application of New Wing’s training results in greater satisfaction and appreciation among employees, making for a more productive team. This has a positive impact on both employee retention and the the corporate bottom line.

New Wing
Steps for Success

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Business Etiquette & Communication

  • Observing Company Culture
  • Elements of a Professional Exchange
  • Written Communication
  • Communicating with Clients / Customers / Staff
  • Your Role as Manager: Befriend vs Be Friendly
  • Social Etiquette

Interviewing, Hiring & Training

  • Screening Applicants
  • Conducting the Interview
  • What to Look For in Candidates
  • Training without Overwhelming
  • Mentoring New Hires

Team Building

  • Cross-training Staff
  • Creating Career Paths
  • Fostering a Think Tank Environment
  • Information Sharing
  • Personal Thanks and Other Rewards

Corrective Action & Reviews

  • Having Difficult Discussions
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • The Importance of Documentation
  • Creating Measurable Performance Metrics
  • Conducting Meaningful Reviews

Time & Stress Management

  • Prioritizing Work
  • Daily Do Lists
  • Delegating Tasks
  • Setting and Meeting Project Deadlines
  • Dealing With Stress Effectively

Exercising Common Sense

  • Social media
  • Company Gossip
  • Candor vs TMI
  • Reasonable Expectations
  • Being the Team Member You Want to Have

With 25 years of management training background, New Wing is here to enhance and grow your manager's abilities.

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