About New Wing

I started New Wing when I heard and read accounts of employee complaints revolving around management issues. Employees can be fast-tracked into management without being given the proper tools to be effective leaders. When skills are lacking, it results in employee dissatisfaction and high turnover. We not only conduct management training, we provide a period of mentoring to help with practical application, as questions and new situations arise. More seasoned managers no longer have time to mentor those with less experience as they once did, by taking them under their wing and sharing what they’ve learned from their years of experience. We now fill that need by providing a new wing!
Maureen Barberio

Maureen Barberio

Founder & President

I have more than twenty years of experience working with, and interviewing, thousands of people, including physicians, scientists, and upper level executives of Fortune 500 companies. I’ve turned around many failing operations utilizing management techniques that elevated the quality of service to new levels. New Wing Consulting has had a dramatic effect on hundreds of people in management positions across the country.
With 25 years of management training background, New Wing is here to enhance and grow your manager’s abilities.
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