Skills to Meet the Challenge

Teaching managers to lead, motivate and develop their team

Your managers deserve great support, and your employees deserve great leadership.

New Wing will give your team the skills and support they need


Business Etiquette & Communication

Providing management tools for effective communication in all settings.

Interviewing, Hiring & Training

Managements process for selecting and mentoring of new employees.
Team Building


Cohesive guidance, molding employees into a working team environment.

Corrective Action & Reviews

Understanding a managers position in employee reviews and discipline.
Time and Stress Management

Time & Stress Management

Minimizing stress in the work place by understanding time management.
Thumbs Up

Exercising Common Sense

A common sense approach to employee and company interactions.

Today is the day to elevate your management team.

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Hidden Challenges of Employee Management

Invisible Costs of Employee Loss

The invisible costs of turnover is often overlooked

The cost of losing people includes loss of intellectual capital, lower morale, reduced productivity, time others are taken off their jobs to cover and train, and a poor online reputation which will have quality candidates eliminating your company as a consideration.

People Leave Managers, Not Jobs

The #1 reason people leave jobs—is management

Many studies indicate employees can have job satisfaction, admire the company for which they work, and be content with their salary and benefits. If they’re unhappy with their manager, they’ll leave their situation seeking a more appreciative environment.


Managers Don’t Seek Help

Managers hesitate to seek guidance

Even when managers have received training in the soft skills, they’ll have questions about execution as issues arise. Most will remain reluctant to seek advice from anyone within the company for fear of appearing incompetent and ill-prepared.

With 25 years of management training background, New Wing is here to enhance and grow your manager’s abilities.


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